Lauren’s Lids

If you are all for shimmery eyeshadows these are for you! These eyeshadows are homemade by Lauren Whitley, and they are only $5.00! All of these eyeshadows have some shimmer in them, some more than others but these color would be good to add a pop of color and some shine to any makeup look. I love them all but my favorites are the red(2nd color) and the orange(5th color), they have great pigmentation, with these two colors I would  put a brown transition color on my crease then put a light amount of the red on the outer part of my lid then on the rest of my lid I would put the orange, and blend them into each other in the middle. Then I would mix the brown transition color and again a light amount of red and put it on my lower lash line. The 3rd and 7th colors I feel are great inner corner highlights. I would use the black (8th color) in any makeup look in the outer corner to add a little edge to ant makeup look.

If you are interested in any of these eyeshadows visit Laurens Etsy,



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