Colorpop Liquid Lipstick Collection

Colorpop Products in general are just great, but there liquid lipstick and fantastic. They all last all day and are very pigmented. They have yet to disappoint me. Bellow I will have three section of swatches and in each section I’ll put which on is my favorite. All of these go for $6 singly. Also they don’t take long at all to be shipped.

First, I’ll show you the Days of the week collection.


  • Monday (Matte Lip)
  • Tuesday (Matte Lip)
  • Wednesday (Matte Lip)
  • Thursday (Matte Lip)
  • Friday (Matte Lip)
  • Saturday (Matte Lip)
  • Sunday (Matte Lip) *Favorite*

Next, Valentines day Minis collection.


  • Love Muffin (Satin Lip) *Favorite*
  • Schnookums (Satin Lip)
  • Sugar Lips (Glossy Lip)
  • Pooky Bear (Matte Lip)
  • Honey Pie (Matte Lip)

Lastly, All the single Liquid lips I bought.


  • Marshmallow (Satin Lip)
  • J.I.C (Metallic Lip)
  • Alyssa (Satin Lip)
  • Vice (Matte Lip)
  • Kapow (Matte Lip) *Favorite*



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