Concealer Wars: Shape tape Vs. Ready Set Gorgeous 

So I want to start this new series called “_____ wars” which is where I get a product from two different brands and I put them against each other to see which ones better in my eyes and give my opinion about them and how they wear throughout the day. Most of these will be a drugstore vs a high-end brand because recently drugstore brands are stepping it up and are better than some high-end brand products but are a lot cheaper I personally go to more towards getting drugstore products because they’re cheaper, some to me are better than high-end but I also love to get some high-end products because those are also some great products as well so why not start this series to see which ones are better or the same or just worth buying.

This one I’ll be doing concealer wars and it’s Tarte Shape Tape vs CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer.

First, let’s start with the ready set gorgeous concealer by cover girl. On Ulta and other drugstores The price is $7.99. I’ve been using this one for a while now on and off between trying other concealers this one hasn’t disappointed me yet I always end up going back to this one. I use the shade “Fair”. I went on Ultas website to find the price for you guys and then I also wanted to read some reviews from other people to see what are some other opinions about it, I seen a lot of mixed reviews there were a lot of people that were saying that They love it so they will never go to another concealer again, it has good coverage, and those are the same opinions as mine but then there’s other people that are saying that it doesn’t stick out through the day, their never going to buy again, and that it’s a waste of money. But all products have mixed opinions. I haven’t seen one product yet that has a solid review from everyone. For me I have to agree more with the good reviews and give a good review myself, because I have pretty bad bags and dark circles underneath my eyes and when I put it on you could you can’t see the dark circles and the bags. Throughout the day it’s to me very well coverage concealer. The formula is very smooth and thon but not too thin. To me it’s just all-around a wonderful concealer and I could see me always going back to it.

Next is Tarte shape tape. I use the shade fair beige. At Ulta it’s $25.00. Everywhere I look everyone loves this concealer I just don’t get what the hype is. I went online to look at reviews of this one and I was personally surprise because they have better reviews than the Covergirl one that I like. This one to me is just very think and it feels heavy under my eyes also for me it doesn’t cover my dark circles like the other one and it drys out through out the day. When I was reading the reviews on this one everyone was saying how it’s such great for coverage once easily but to me I have to disagree it just doesn’t work for me. But this one was a complete waste of money I do use it to cover up my eyebrows after I fill up man it’s great for that but for me for using underneath my eyes it’s not great.

Both of these products probably all depends on your skin type products and I have combination skin. For this post Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer wins this war and I highly recommend it. But everyone intitled to have  their own opinions and everyone one has a product that works for them, Ready Set Gorgeous is just the product for me that works better.



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